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Pre-Payment Options

Online payments are a simple, safe and secure way to make payments to your students account 24 hours a day at your convenience.

If you have questions on how to set up your student's BOCES Account, please contact the appropriate manager listed below based on what campus/program your child attends. You can also go to the Contact Us tab on this website and fill out the Contact Us form with any questions, comments or concerns. 


Jessica Preston, Manager   607-739-5601 x 3671
[email protected]
Manager of Bush Campus Building 8, Phoenix Academy, GST BOCES STEM Academy Goff Rd.  

Wendy Rosenwinkel, Manager   607-936-3704 x 1053
[email protected]
Manager of Coopers Campus & GST BOCES STEM ACADEMY CCC

Tracie McCarthy, Manager   607-324-1303 x 1570
[email protected]
Manager of Wildwood Campus

Send Check or Cash

You can always bring money personally or send it with your student. Please place it in an envelope marked clearly with your student's name, their ID #, the boces campus/program they attend, their teacher name, the $ amount and the check #. Turn in prepaid deposits to the cafeteria cashier(s) or school main office.

Download and Print Out a pre-formatted #10 Envelope for making Deposits

If you choose to bring money to school personally or send it with your student, please put it in an envelope clearly marked with the student's first and last name, their ID #, their teacher's name, and the amount enclosed.